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Our Values

Our values are professionalism, rigour and evidence.

Stable Team Consultants

Permanent staff can look forward to a number of unique benefits:

  1. A chance to work from anywhere in the world you choose at least 2 days per week
  2. Professional training in line with many international consultancies
  3. A CV that will catapult you into the spotlight when we finally part company


Make your career about organisational psychology, problem solving and networking rather than pile them high and sell them cheap.

  1. A unique commission structure
  2. Access to our unique intellectual property, network and professional approach that is unique in the marketplace
  3. The ability to flex around a better work/life balance.

Where delivery roles are concerned, we typically work on larger margins than recruitment agents due to our boutique focus.  We also offer a more holistic service to both you and the client in terms of support and additional advice and curation.