Stable Teams® Maintenance Package

Perfect for Larger companies or for the public sector with a turnover of over £10M, we have a very specific simple model to meet your permanent recruitment requirements.

Our model is in support of a stable team and focuses on retention.

When you sign up to the stable teams model, we charge a flat fee of 21% which is payable when the candidate joins the team.

However, our model also includes a DiSC® profile for the team they join (worth £2,500) with no extra charge. The benefits of the model include: better team interactions and understanding, productive discussions and increased levels of innovation. Simple.

A participant from John Lewis said “I enjoyed learning about the DISC profile and seeing how that affected how the team interacted with each other. Doing the escape room was good proof for us of how well we can work together.”

Any company signing up to Stable Teams on an exclusive basis, will also get our Successful Team package for half price. (Usual price £5,000 for a 1 day workshop).